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the day I ate an entire jar of pickles for lunch.. just because I could

6 February, 2011

While shopping at a small neighborhood market for breakfast ingredients (and souvenirs of bacon and chorizo for some pork-loving friends in Morocco, hey C & C!), I stumbled upon a jar of pickles.  Or really, cornichons.. extra fine cornichons.

the finest cornichons I ever ate

I couldn’t not buy a jar, and after returning to the guest house where we stayed for the weekend, they were the first item I opened.  I nibbled before, during and after breakfast, and just before leaving, I finished off the entire jar, by myself, just because I could.  And I enjoyed every moment of their vinegary deliciousness.

I imagine all kinds of pickles exist in Morocco in places like Marjane (think Walmart), Acima (think Jewel) or La Belle Vie (think Dominicks), but the nearest one of any of those establishments is over 320 km away from my home in Errachidia.

I have found a stall in the market in Errachidia that sells cornichon (as well as olives, garlic, etc) but they are some of the most foul things I have ever tasted.  They are pickled in straight-up salt, and I would not wish them on my worst enemy.

After finishing off my delicious jar of pickles, I poured the juice out, rinsed and recycled the jar.  If Little Boy had been there, I would have gladly shared my pickle juice with him.  Not the pickles though.. six month without pickles makes a girl greedy.

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