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minor victories

2 January, 2011

As I referenced in yesterday’s post, folks in Marrakech are very used to tourists, and the languages of tourists.

Marrakech is easily the place where I have heard the most English (in Morocco, anyway)  being used, and some of the shop keepers did not seem to appreciate my attempts at using their language.

The three of us were all amused that while walking down the street, we would each be called out to in a different language because we all appear to be of different ethnic backgrounds.

One young guy working at an apothecary-like shop caught me looking at his wares and called out to me, in English, asking if I knew what the tub of black, tarry-looking stuff was.

I managed to catch him completely off guard by responding to him in Darija.

I replied to him, without thinking, by saying “of course” in his native tongue.  I then told him it was “sabon bldi, f Hammam” and continued to walk on before breaking into a giant smile.

Judging by the shocked look on his face and his inability to fire off a follow-up question in any language, I’d say that for that moment, victory was mine.

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