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Thanksgiving in Rabat, or how I gained ten pounds in one night..

24 November, 2010

Under the guise of Black Friday Teacher Inservices, my fellow ETAs and I arrived in Rabat on Wednesday or Thursday for our Thanksgiving Reunion.  Although many of us have traveled to visit one another in our various post locations, this was the first time since September’s orientation that we were all in one place again.

After spending some time at the hotel catching up with one another, and making mandatory shopping trips to Marjane and the Medina, the ETAs began to trickle into Uncle Jim’s house.

At some point, while sitting in Uncle Jim’s kitchen, watching my new brothers and sisters put the finishing touches on a pie or the mashed potatoes, it hit me that in the short time I have known these folks, I have grown to love them.  They have gone from being total strangers to colleagues, then to friends, and finally to family.  It may be incredibly clichéd, but being put into any situation similar to ours is bound to affect us this way, and I am thankful to be in-country with such a wonderful group of people.

No Thanksgiving post would be complete without a nod to the real reason we were there:  the food.

While waiting for dinner to be served, we sat around catching up and noshing on olives and little tasty crunchy bits, and for those who drink, sipping on champagne.

I'm glad I'm not the only Fulbrighter who brought a stuffed animal to Morocco.

Uncle Jim announced dinner, and we sprang into action.. transforming a beautiful but food-less table into a bountiful feast.  For me, the highlights included: some of the most delicious mashed potatoes I have ever eaten, some divine green beans, cooked carrots that I actually enjoyed, a fabulous corn pudding (recipe from the Joy of Cooking – I plan to make this asap) and the most amazing cranberry sauce I have ever had, with cranberries smuggled in from the Commissary.

Uncle Jim's holiday table

And as if all that food was not enough, for dessert, we had a pecan pie, an apple pie, a mincemeat pie, and a pumpkin pie.  Someone lovingly whipped up some cream that, had I been by myself, I would have eaten right out of the bowl, no spoon needed.

the dessert table

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  1. CARYN permalink
    29 November, 2010 07:35

    So glad you had such a great time with your globe trotting family. We too had a fun time with your ma ma coming to Capron and sharing in all the “De-lish” food (as my dad always said). The fun part came in with listening to your mom and Art banter back and forth about why he should keep/get rid of many of the items he has aquired over the years. Then the next evening was spent at her house picking up the old love seat, eating some great pasta chicken dish and Eric and Art having some interesting conversations on growing hay, realestate, and financial matters. Good times were had by all….and you were a topic also included in many of the conversations on both days.

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  1. one of my most satisfying Thanksgivings yet | mała koza

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