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Eid Mburak Said, ntuma!

17 November, 2010

Happy Eid l-Kbir, y’all.

Unfortunately, I have been sick all week and have missed out on the festivities.

That means no going to Rich to visit my friend’s family, no politely refusing various sheep parts that are feasted on for the next few days, and no album full of very graphic photos.

I planned to take pictures of before, during and after, and I am honestly really disappointed to have missed out on this.

I’m going to take another dosing of tabcin noche and pass out.  I’ll revisit the Feast of the Sacrifice in another posting, and if you are dying for more now, you can always google it.

Or, if you are just looking for something to do and enjoy the idea of foods/eating around the world, take this quiz.  If you’d like to keep me entertained for a few seconds too, kindly leave your score in the comments.  I got an 8 out of 11.

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  1. The Husband permalink
    17 November, 2010 21:30

    What quiz?

  2. Beth permalink
    17 November, 2010 21:36

    8 out of 11, also. I am ready to travel, too.

  3. The Husband permalink
    17 November, 2010 21:41

    7–but I’m still ready to travel.

    • Beth permalink
      17 November, 2010 21:47

      You mean 7 AND I’m ready to travel.

  4. The Mother permalink
    17 November, 2010 21:43

    Geesh, I received 5 out of 11. I’m not ready to travel yet unless I wish to visit Iran.

  5. Emily permalink
    19 November, 2010 09:55

    7 out of 11. I may not be ready to travel, but the only way to remedy my ignorance is with more travel! Bring it on!

    Interestingly, my lack of knowledge seems to be regional… I bet a quiz that really encompassed food traditions from all over the world would reveal a lot about my educational and cultural background (i.e. I got the Japanese, German, and Inuit customs right away. :P)

  6. Chris Podraza permalink
    19 November, 2010 19:22

    I will be on the same plane as your mother, I only got a 5 also…..At least her and I can go on vacation together!!!!

  7. Pops permalink
    20 November, 2010 17:08

    I got 6…I’m staying home.

  8. CARYN permalink
    22 November, 2010 00:52

    I’ll be the third muskateer along with your mom and Chris….I too had only 5 correct!

    • The Mother permalink
      29 November, 2010 06:00

      Well ladies, and Tracy’s two aunts…Iran, here we come!

  9. Diana Zurawski permalink
    30 November, 2010 11:27

    I too got 8. Time to travel!

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