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settling in..

3 November, 2010

Last Friday, with the help of two friends, we moved into our new digs.  The actual move went pretty well.. For 100 DH (about $12.50, US) we were able to hire a conversion van and its owner to shuttle stuff down the hill to our new home.  We were able to do it in one trip, and the van owner even helped to reassemble our bed frame.

Today, our ponj (traditional Moroccan couches) were delivered.  The sdari (wooden platforms on which the ponj sit) were delivered earlier in the week, and we now have a great start on a comfortable living room.

After having lived in a one-room condo in Chicago for so long, being in a large apartment with multiple rooms and two levels of living space is kind of weird, but The Husband and I are making due.  I think our cats are really enjoying having all sorts of room to run around.  We have nice windows here, so during the day, our rooms are sunny.  The cats enjoy sitting in front of the windows watching the action on the street below.  We’re all settling in quite nicely.

I feel like for life in general, I am settling in here well enough too.   I know a number of people around town by name, and I am comfortable greeting them and having short, semi-limited (because of a language barrier) conversations with them.  I also feel that my Darija is improving, even if it is happening more slowly than I would like.

I also know, now, where to go for just about everything I should want or need to buy here in town.  And maybe more importantly, I know where not to go.  Unfortunately, there are some places that will double (or worse) the price simply because I am a foreigner.  Thankfully, this does not happen too often, and I am learning what a good price for this or that is, as well as how to politely tell people when the prices they are quoting me are outrageous.

We are also lucky to live above a really nice man who happens to have a hanout a whole three meters from our front door.  Whenever we need xubz (bread), b3id (eggs), or the like, I don’t even need to lock the door behind me because the shop is so close.

And bonus points for the mul d’hanout (shop owner) being a quiet, considerate neighbor.  In the almost week that we have lived here, he has yet to chain smoke or start shouting at any hour, let alone between 0000 and 0800.

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  1. The Mother permalink
    7 November, 2010 04:27

    And they all lived happily ever! As always, miss you and love you.

    • 7 November, 2010 08:28

      Aww, Mother.

      I am missing you and loving you too, which is why you need to come visit!

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