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on the move again..

24 October, 2010

After living in our current apartment for a few weeks, we decided it would be best if we relocated to the downtown area of my town, rather than living in isolation near the university.

With the help of my most wonderful tutor, nearly a week was spent, pounding the pavement in search of a new apartment.  While speaking with one man on the street about the possibility of finding vacant apartments, he said that all the samsaars (men who act as middle men in matching tenants with landlords, for a fee) in town are unemployed because there are no available apartments.

Lucky for me, he was not entirely right, and through many hours of looking and asking everyone we encountered in shops and on the streets, my tutor and I came across another apartment that I feel I will be much happier in.

I have much to do before moving into my new place, including:

1)      Sign the lease.  Yes, my new landlord is actually going to give me a lease, which means I can get my residency card, real internet, etc.  l-hamdul’Allah.

2)      Get the water and electricity turned on.

3)      Have my locks changed and a few things fixed up.  My tutor has a friend who is a carpenter, and he is taking care of all of this for me for a good price.

4)      Have my place cleaned.  It is in decent condition right now, but I would still like it to have a thorough cleaning before I moved in.  Again, my well-connected tutor knows a woman who will clean my apartment for me before I move in, again, for a good price.

5)      Have my shufu (hot water heater) installed.  After a month of not having hot water (unless I boiled multiple tea kettles’ worth of water to pour into a bucket for a “bath”), I will be once again living the life of luxury and be able to take a hot shower!

I am so excited by the thought of moving out of my current drafty, smoky and very noisy apartment and into one that seems less drafty and does not have downstairs neighbors who chain smoke and permit their children to scream at all hours of the day (and night).

Some other things I am excited about:

1)      A western toilet!  No more peeing on my feet every time I need to relieve myself!!

2)      Being a three minute walk from the main strip downtown with its restaurants, cafes and market, as well as a three minute walk from my tutor, a five minute walk from the other ETA in town, and a five minute walk from the souq.  Currently, it takes me forty-five minutes to walk into town, and a good fifty minutes to reach the souq.

3)      Getting “real” internet installed.. I am hoping this means that I will be able to reliably do the things I want and need to do online, instead of facing numerous hours when the internet simply does not work, or times when it is so slow that it takes almost thirty minutes to send an email.  Most importantly with regards to the internet, I am hoping it will be fast and reliable enough that I am able to use Skype to chat with friends and family that I am currently unable to talk to.  I miss you guys!

4)      A big, bright, clean kitchen.  My new kitchen has cupboards to store things, and has two big windows, with screens (!!) to let in lots of light.  I am excited to start cooking in my new kitchen!

5)      Oh yeah, and almost all of the windows in my new place have screens on them!  An American family lived there in the recent past and added nice little touches to the place.. I am so excited to be able to open the windows without allowing my cats to escape and while keeping insects out!

In about four hours, I will make the walk from my current place to go meet with my tutor and landlord to get my lease signed and hand over my 1,500 DH for the first month’s rent.

This works out to $187.50 US monthly for an apartment in a good location that has its own private rooftop terrace with two bedrooms and a bathroom (squatty potty) off of it, as well as the main floor (2nd floor) with kitchen, living room, family room/dining room, two bedrooms, a hall closet and a bathroom with western toilet, shower that will have a curtain, storage for soap, toothpaste, etc and a mirror.

I am one mra farHana (happy woman)!

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  1. The Husband permalink
    24 October, 2010 13:27

    I am also Farhan.

    • 24 October, 2010 13:58

      This made me giggle a little because it is true.

      You will hopefully be pleased with the findings this weekend.

  2. Beth permalink
    24 October, 2010 20:25

    I am soooo happy for you. This sounds like a great place. Good job!

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