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hayat mezziana

23 October, 2010

Life is good, or in Darija, hayat mezziana.

This afternoon, at the other ETA’s apartment, we assembled with some of our local friends for an American-style lunch of chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, green beans, and salad, all made from scratch because our town is not the kind of place where you can buy many convenience foods.  Coke, Hawai (Moroccan soda, citrusy and delicious), water and mint tea were served to drink.

I hope that our friends enjoyed the food, and given the way it quickly disappeared, I think they did.  The mac & cheese, plus the garlicky green beans were such a wonderful taste of home, and I look forward to recreating them on my own.  The chicken nuggets seemed to be the most popular item, and while I did not sample them because I don’t eat meat, they did smell good.

After lunch, I went back to see an apartment that I saw in the dark last night, in the light, and it was good.  I am pretty sure I have found our new home.

Like I said, life is good.

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  1. The Husband permalink
    24 October, 2010 15:19

    Hammy Dooley!

  2. The Mother permalink
    24 October, 2010 15:37

    Amen! When Tracy is happy, the Mother is happy! As always, I love you and miss you.

  3. The Mother permalink
    24 October, 2010 19:04

    And they all lived happily after.

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