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So.. we’ve got this apartment..

12 October, 2010

A little over a week ago, The Husband and I moved into a very large (for us, anyway.. coming from a one-room 386 sq ft condo in Chicago) apartment that is near to the university where I teach.

The process for finding an apartment here in Morocco really depends on who you know.   For example, my host family has a friend who has a friend who was renting out this place.. and voila!  But for others who may not know someone who knows someone,  a samsar, or informal leasing agent, is necessary.  For a certain fee, perhaps one month’s rent, they will do their homework and take you around to whatever vacant places they know of.   So much different from what I am used to back home!  Craigslist, anyone!?

Unfurnished apartments are the norm in Morocco, but unlike in the States, unfurnished here means that the apartment only comes with the actual structure.  If you want a fridge, a stove, a hot water heater, etc., you must furnish it yourself.  And if something breaks or otherwise needs attention, the tenant and not the landlord is responsible for financing and either doing the repairs, or hiring someone else to do the work.

Our place came with light bulbs, but not much else.

On a one-day shopping spree, The Husband and I managed to score:

– A double bed, complete with head and foot boards

– An electric cook top – no buta-gaz up in here!

– A fridge that comes up to my hip, perfect size for us

– A dining room table with four chairs

– A 50L hot water heater which sadly has not yet been installed

– An oscillating fan, which at the time was very necessary, but I have not used it in the last week, as temperatures have fallen considerably.

– An armoire which has both shelves and drawers, as well as space to hang clothes, and a mirror.  Mirrors definitely do not seem as common here as they do back home.

Since our 1 October shopping spree, I have also picked up two small rugs, some kitchen equipment and a variety of buckets and other cleaning materials.

I’m looking forward to getting some larger rugs as well as some Moroccan-style couches.

More pictures will be included when we are more settled in, and when my internet is less sad.

the door on the roof, leading into our lit stairwell

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