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Moroccan critters

11 October, 2010

To date, I have yet to see any camel spiders or scorpions, and I’m okay with that!

I have, however, seen all sorts of other creatures.  I don’t have pictures of them all, but what I do have, I shall include because my internet is not 100% sad today.

I now present to you, a list:

10 –  sand flies, annoying little “no see-ums” who leave bites that are similar in itch and appearance to mosquito bites

9 –  ants, ranging in size from miniature (2mm?) to giant (as long as a stamp), they don’t seem to cause any problems

8 –  cockroaches, always disgusting, but thankfully I have not seen many of them, outside of the 500 or so we saw at one apartment we were shown.  Needless to say, we did not rent that apartment.

7 –  house flies, no more annoying than they are back home.  Depending on whether or not one has screens, and/or if they keep their windows open, places are either devoid of flies or supporting a rather large population

6 –  earwigs, much larger than the kind I am used to at home.  Mook found one in the house, tried to play with him, and met his pinchers instead.  He was quickly dispatched from this life..

rather large Moroccan earwig

5 – dogs, not the cute pups I am used to back home.  While in Rabat, I saw a number of people who kept dogs as pets, walking them on leashes and everything else you would expect.  Here, however, I have only seen the ones who come out at night to pick through the garbage, bark until the sun rises, and keep me from sleeping as much as I would like.  They are mangy-looking, and I would rather not encounter them on the street.

4 –  cats, most of whom look well-fed.  Most days, I encounter them walking around on the streets and feeding from the bags of trash people have placed in piles near the light posts.

3 –  frogs/toads, I am not sure which.  I was surprised to see them out here in the desert at all, but have seen them both here and in Merzouga.  Unfortunately, I seem to see them the most when they have been squashed by a passing car or bike.

2 –  little lizards, spotted on both my roof and Aaron’s roof, these little guys are very cute and appear to be totally harmless.  I welcome them as my outdoor friends.

tiny lizards - one of my favorite Moroccan creatures

1 –  Mook/Kiki, my personal favorite of all the Moroccan creatures I have seen thus far, although Ninja will be sure to give her a run for her money when he arrives in a few weeks with The Husband.

Mook goes for a walk.

My Little Cat, Mook. Most favored of all creatures in Morocco to date.

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