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l-Hdd: family day

10 October, 2010

The Darija word for Sunday is l-Hdd.

Today, I stumbled across this list and it got me thinking about the ways we use time.  In Morocco, and especially in my town, it seems that Sundays really are family time.

Right now, I’m sitting in my apartment, listening to the sounds of children playing in the street below.

Two weeks ago, The Husband and I arrived in town and spent our first few hours here walking around to get a feel for the place.  I remember being in awe of how many families were out, even after dark, just walking around, talking and enjoying their time together.

I had been invited to go to Meski (still not entirely sure what Meski is) to have a picnic and go swimming with one of the families in my neighborhood.  Because I am feeling a little under the weather, I opted instead to stay home and take care of some chores, and attempt to spend the day with my own family.

The Mother, The Husband, and my brother, Little Boy, were all online at some point so we could chat, and for everyone else, I am writing emails to say hi and to let them know that I’m both thinking about them and missing them.

And as soon as my internet cooperates, I’ll be able to electronically send them off.

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