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an evening with the Peace Corps

9 October, 2010

Yesterday started out like most other days, but thanks to an email from a friend sharing the contact information of a few area Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs), Aaron, Guy & I were able to meet up with eight or so of them for a coffee.

It was really good to meet them and hear a little of their experiences, but given that it was Friday (cous cous Friday!) I had an invitation at a neighbor’s home for the shared afternoon meal of cous cous.   Because we were not able to stay long, we agreed to meet up later that night at one of the PCVs apartments here in town.

My afternoon visit of attempted conversation in Darija and too much good food was lovely, and the day just kept getting better and better, which is exactly what I had been needing.

The evening spent with the PCVs gave us all an opportunity to get to know one another, learn from each other’s experiences, and of course, eat pizza and celebrate the host’s birthday.  Our province is peppered with some amazing individuals, and I am looking forward to going out and visiting some of them in their sites, inch’Allah.

And one of the most unexpected things that night was the host’s GRE practice word walls. I’m sure any nerd and/or teacher like me can appreciate a good word wall, and his was magnificent!

i ❤ PCVs and word walls

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  1. Beth permalink
    10 October, 2010 18:17

    Wondering if we can see a photo of that word wall. I am very curious.

    • 10 October, 2010 18:22

      One day, inch’Allah.

      Hopefully sooner rather than later!

      I took pictures, of course, but my internet is so pitiful that I cannot upload pictures.

  2. Diana permalink
    11 October, 2010 11:36

    I look forward to seeing these word wall pictures as soon as your internet cooperates! Also, cous cous Friday sounds like a most delicious way to start off a weekend!

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