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all by myself

2 October, 2010

I was watching a movie last night (Everything is Illuminated, in case you were wondering) and decided to turn on the French subtitles in hopes of absorbing more*.  One scene featuring the two main characters, Alex and Jonathan, included the use of the word loneliness, for which solitude came up in the subtitles, and it got me thinking about my current state:  solitude (unless, of course, feline company counts).

The Husband left last night to return to the States for work, and now I’m alone for the first time in over a month.   I’m having a little bit harder of a time with it than I was anticipating.

I remember reading somewhere that Moroccans often perceive folks who live on their own to be meskins/meskinas (“poor little things” masculine and feminine), and after having been surrounded by first family, and then new friends for just about every hour of every day, I’m thinking the Moroccans might be on to something.

I find this to be particularly odd for myself because I enjoy being by myself and really value my alone time.  No worries though, I’ll have enough on my plate this coming week to keep me very, very busy, and that will surely lift my spirits.

* research has shown that watching movies/TV in your native language, but using the target language subtitles improves target language acquisition.

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  1. The Husband permalink
    2 October, 2010 21:49

    I could always quit. I’d much rather build a bike-making factory in Morocco.

  2. 3 October, 2010 14:16

    Didn’t Husband just arrive, like, an hour ago? Tell him to ditch the bike factory idea and start a ceiling fan business — and to treq salama!

  3. Sarah permalink
    3 October, 2010 21:44

    Thinking of you during your solitary adventure 🙂 lots of love & hugs your way!

  4. 5 October, 2010 03:11

    I understand the loneliness a bit because Chris is gone alot at night and I haven’t made any great friends out here. But you’re doing such cool things!!! And I’m pretty sure Moracco much be 20 times more awesome than LA. I think I’m going to try and learn some spanish while watching tv. Oh and I’m sure Diana will be headed there soon to bring a rush of joy! Wishing you some love many many miles away!

  5. Pops permalink
    6 October, 2010 05:17

    …or you can always come home!

  6. Tasha permalink
    9 October, 2010 09:02

    It seems that the moments that I crave solitude, the opportunity is hardly ever just given. I have to steal away…fight for it. But, there are those days when the opportunity to be alone just falls in my lap…it’s a delicious gift. I was telling some coworkers on Friday evening before leaving work that my fantasy is just to get home and discover no one there…that each family member would be out with friends having a good time. One person said, “Then you could do the Risky Business dance and just enjoy yourself.” I replied, “Heck, I’d be happy just strip down to my underwear and go straight to bed!” Anyway, I have a cousin that is teaching in South Korea. I am excited for you and for her because you get to see life outside of the United States. Keep me posted. Talk to you soon.

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