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asaalmu alaykum wa b’saalama.

25 September, 2010

A’saalmu a’al-aykum, Husband and Mookenstein.  I am SO, SO, SO happy you guys are here!

Yesterday, rajli arrived with one of our cats, Mook, in tow.  As I learned in my Darija class at Qalam wa Lawh, Mook’s name is also the Darija word for “your mother” so from here on out, her Moroccan name is Kiki, which is one of the many nicknames I have for her.

She and The Husband had a mostly uneventful trek from Chicago to Rabat via Casablanca and New York, l-Hamdulilah.  They are both quite jet lagged and sleeping it off in our hotel room while I’m taking advantage of plentiful internet and planning out my afternoon.  We are leaving Rabat at 0800 tomorrow and making our way to our new home about an hour away from the Algerian border.

While my Fulbright friends enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at Plage des Nations, The Husband & I had lunch and wandered around Rabat’s ville nouvelle and medina for a bit and took some very necessary naps.

After naptime, we met up at Uncle Jim’s house for delicious pizza, salad and conviviality with the English Teaching Assistants.  Good times were had by all.

In the few short weeks I have been here, I have gotten to know my new friends fairly well, and could not have asked to be posted in-country with a greater group of people.  Much love and b’saalama, guys.. til we meet again!

And yes, in my typical fashion, there were a few weeps on parting.. but really, that’s too be expected.

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