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Intro to Darija, take one.

15 September, 2010

Earlier this morning, my brain exploded.

It was a morning like any other – our group of women wakes up, gets dressed and gets a ride in the school’s van to the language school. We then have breakfast, which typically consists of coffee, orange juice, French bread, jam, triangles of Laughing Cow cheese, and if you are lucky, a fried egg.

After breakfast, we have been attending lectures on various topics in Moroccan education, but today, we started our Darija, or Moroccan Arabic, classes.

Some of us have formal study of Arabic under our belts, and some, like me, have absolutely none. Because of this, our group of nine had been split into two groups: four with some knowledge of Arabic, and five who are total noobs.

This morning, the instructor for the latter group was unable to make it to school, so the teacher for the other group welcomed us all into his classroom. Class was a little crazy, and more than a few of us were confused at some point, but I think that all in all, it went waxa, err.. okay. And considering that this teacher was improvising in a big way, I think it was successful.

I am sitting here, home and alone, for the first time in two weeks, while looking over my notes from class this morning. I have a feeling that once we receive a proper introduction to Arabic, and to the Darija dialect, this mess that I’m seeing in my notebook will make more sense. While class was fun this morning, and I enjoyed the struggle to keep up and to understand, I am looking forward to a more clearly organized path to understanding the language that fills the streets around me.

Oh, and I attempted to write in script as well, as was told I was doing a good job by someone who really knows her stuff.  Thanks, CP!

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