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top ten things I think I’ll be missing..

2 September, 2010

I think it will be interesting to revisit this in three months’ time and see how I did..

10 –  being able to wear just about whatever I want without paying it a second thought

9 –  my car, complete with heated seats

8 –  the ease with which I am able to navigate my days (including efficiency, when I want to be efficient!)

7 – being surrounded by my native language

6 – being able to walk down the street without attracting any attention

5 – my western toilet

4 – veggie maki and bubble tea

3 – air conditioning and/or heating

2 – my bathtub

1 – my friends and family

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  1. Patricia permalink
    5 September, 2010 01:47

    Boy does this bring back memories. Especially the not attracting attention in public and the western toilets. LOL. You’d be suprised how quickly you adjust to the stares on the subway (or bus or street, whatever) and you get pretty proficient with the other ammenities. (Although I suppose veggie maki and boba were pretty popular in Japan, so I never had to suffer that particular loss…)

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