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Good riddance

15 August, 2010

Last night, my mom hosted a going away party for me, and some of my favorite people came by to share in a night of food and conversation.  Many hugs were exchanged, too much good food was eaten, and now I even have my very own Moroccan flag to take with me and hang on one of the walls in my new apartment!

I was not expecting anyone to bring gifts for me, but I’m totally digging the flag, the cook book, the Arabic language CD, the Moroccan photos, the French language post-it notes, and license plates.  Most importantly though, I’m so happy that so many people cared enough to come over and say good bye!  Somehow, I managed not to be a tearful mess – I’m going to blame that one on the food coma.

Thanks again to everyone who made it out!

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  1. Mother permalink
    19 August, 2010 20:31

    Only Mother was a tearful mess!

  2. Diana Zurawski permalink
    19 August, 2010 22:53

    I’m proud of your nostrils for not doing you in and showing the tearful mess within. I had so much fun and very much enjoyed all of the delicious foodage. Mmm!

    Also I am quite jealous of your Moroccan flag. SO COOL!

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