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10 months, 4 boxes, 2 suitcases and a backpack

12 August, 2010

This endeavor should prove to be interesting, and may require some creative math and/or magic, but I’m definitely up for the challenge.

Ten months – In 23.5 days, I’ll be leaving Chicago and kicking off my ten month grant period.

Between now and then, I have to sift through my possessions and decide what I’ll be taking with me, and what will be stored until next summer.

Four boxes – I am allowed to send four boxes containing educational materials to the Embassy in Rabat.

Each box may not exceed 40 lbs in weight or 62 inches in combined length and girth.  Also, it is worth mentioning that neither peanut butter nor maple syrup are educational materials.

Two suitcases – The climate in my post region will vary from very hot in the summer, to bone-chillingly cold in the winter time.  I have to choose the contents of my suitcases wisely.  And for anyone who has had the pleasure of traveling with me before,  you know I always tend to over pack, because I like to have certain things “just in case.”

Royal Air Maroc limits airline passengers to two suitcases, neither of which can exceed 50 lbs in weight or 62 inches in overall dimensions.  Knowing that I may have to carry my baggage (not every where will have paved surfaces on which to pull my wheeled bags), I am opting to bring one large suitcase and one that is carry-on sized.

One backpack – Oh backpack, how I love you.  We have been to so many awesome places together.  I appreciate your hidden pockets and your rainproof shield that zips into your underbelly.  Your camelbak is pretty cool too.  We’ve had some good times together, and I’m certain that you will do me well in Morocco.

My backpack is of carry-on size, even if it makes flight attendants balk because I tend to over stuff it.  As long as I can kick it under the seat in front of me, right?  It will be stuffed to the gills with my laptop, a change of clothes or two, some personal care items, reading materials for my plane rides, any important documents I’m carrying, and other things too important to trust in a checked bag.  As always, it will have my blue blankie strapped to the side, too.  And don’t worry, Mom, gypsies will not be stealing my wallet this time.

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  1. Mother permalink
    13 August, 2010 10:58

    Famous last words, “Gypsies won’t be stealing my wallet this time.” She wonders why I worry…

  2. Caryn permalink
    19 August, 2010 00:39

    Ahhh….with age and experience, comes wisdom. You are much wiser after your other travels. Good Luck

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